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On December 26, the final of the Curio Vignettes, Exposure, will be released. To say thank you to all the readers who’ve supported this series, I’ve been squirreling away a whole mess of cool, Caroly-curated goodies, which I’m excited to give away to one extra special fan of the books. Before I tell you the details, here’s what’s in the trunk o’ awesome:


1. Paisley satin scarf
2. Paris notebook
3. Shea butter hand creme
4. 100% beeswax candle (of course)
5. Blood orange perfume oil
6. Vanilla-amber perfume oil (Caroly’s signature)
7. Burt’s Bees beeswax lip shimmer
8. Peppermint tea
9. French lavender soap
10. Sterling silver key charm (I have one I wear as a pendant)
11. Sterling silver wire ring with pyrite beads
12. Glass / mirror two-sided bird necklace
13. Bird’s nest brooch with feathers and cultured black pearls


Sorry, no cheese or prostitutes. Those do not travel well; Didier certainly doesn’t.


But this is some seriously cool stuff! My way of saying thank you to my kick-ass readers for all their enthusiasm through these six stories. So how can all this amazement be yours?


Instead of doing a random drawing, I want to make sure this trunk of goodies goes to a true super-fan of the series. So in order to win, I’m asking people to either send me an email, at, or leave a comment on this post, telling me what the Curio books have meant to them. Could be a single sentence, could be an essay. I don’t care where you live—if you move me, I will happily ship this goodness to Tasmania or Siberia or Jupiter. You have until Wednesday, January 9 at noon ET to email or comment, then I’ll choose a winner!


Please note: by entering, you give me permission to quote your submission in a future post, though I will keep all quotes anonymous. Also note: you will not be added to a mailing list, since I don’t have one.


Thanks, all!

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Ooh, pretty! This silver charm is just one of a bunch of goodies I’ve collected so far for the massively excellent Curio-themed giveaway I’m going to run during the holidays, a sort of thank-you gift for one lucky fan of the series. The scarf it’s sitting on is also one of the items, along with shea butter soap, a bird’s nest brooch, a candle, two different perfumes (blood orange and vanilla-amber) and a bunch of other Caroly-esque trinkets and items from the books. Quality stuff, peoples. Anyhow, this just came in the mail and I was so smitten I wanted to share. Keep an eye out for contest details come Christmastime, and teaser pics of the whole kit and caboodle!