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A Huge Collection of Embroidered silk  Spheres by  92-year-old grandmother in Japan.

These intricate and extraordinarily beautiful embroidered silk balls are a form of Japanese folk art called Temari, which means “hand ball” in Japanese. These particular temari are even more impressive because they were handmade by a 92-year-old grandmother in Japan. NanaAkua’s flickr


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Here’s the link for more information about the PS244 fundraising campaign

Here’s the link to the GIVE IT ALL TO ME Library Collection at

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Sorry but I will reblog this every time I see it because it is just too accurate not to.


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My friend’s grandma got her something from Hollister as a gift, but apparently she didn’t like the shirtless guy on the bag so she sewed a shirt on it.


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raising awareness for turtle bullying.

a growing problem.

A very slowly growing problem.

This gets funnier and funnier every time I see it

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Surreal Photos of A Frozen Venice

Art director Robert Jahns has created a series of surrealistic photos of Venice by combining photos of Italy by Luis Manuel Osorio Fernando with photos of frozen lakes in Russia by Daniel Kordan. Robert Jahns wanted to show how the Venice Canal would look like if it was frozen by the winter.

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"Five months of peace is just what I want." - The Shining (1980)

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Things that don’t exist 

The Bearshark (Bark? Shear? Bersark?) made me spit tea everywhere. It looks so happy to be alive.

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The Cramps: Poison Ivy at the Marble Bar, Baltimore, 1983

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Stupid Lies About Vaginas.


For about the zillionth time, I just read “The vagina is only 3 to 4 inches long!” It was included in an answer about penis size, of course. Because it’s always about penis size.

Don’t worry, men! Your penis isn’t too small. A woman’s vagina is only 3 to 4 inches long! You’re too big for us! We…


The Outlook is bleak. [x]